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Earl 3 seater outdoor

  • Size (WxDxH): 180x80x72
  • Seat height: 43 cm
  • Designer: Jess Original

The Outdoor is our first series of outdoor furniture, consisting of a lounge chair, lounger and 3 seater sofa. The steel base frames are treated with a UV-resistant powder coating and come in three colours. The Outdoor series is equipped with a quick dry foam called Dryfeel. This specially developed material ensures that water and vapour are drained quickly and efficiently. The high-quality fabric used for the Outdoor series is water-repellent and anti-fungal. It is not entirely waterproof, but it will withstand some rain.

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Jess Original

A real Jess Original. The Jess Originals were conceived and designed by Jess' creative designers and created by our in-house production team. A Jess Original is a durable, modern asset to any interior.