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The Warehouse Hotel Robertson Quay Singapore 18
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Warehouse Hotel Singapore

Architects frequently come and visit Jess Design to talk about the interior design of different projects. There are, for example, various restaurants and hotels in which Jess Design is represented with its design furniture. One of our biggest projects is the Warehouse Hotel in Singapore. This fantastic hotel, based on the banks of the Singapore River, has created an incredible atmosphere with the help of our design furniture.

Warehouse Hotel and Jess

With some of our sofas and lounge chairs the Warehouse Hotel, which has 37 rooms, have created a pleasant atmosphere in which the guests can spend their time. One of our designs that can be found here is the Vasa lounge chair.

The Warehouse Hotel Robertson Quay Singapore 18

The comfortable Vasa chair can be ordered with or without armrests. Other Jess Design furniture used in the hotel are the Earl and My Home sofas. This gives the hotel which was built in 1895 a robust look. The Warehouse Hotel in Singapore is one of the projects we are extremely proud of!

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Jess’s home base has always been in the city of Oss, where our design and production processes are still located. An authentic Dutch product! Our showroom displays all of our models and furniture families, and this is where you get to see, feel and truly experience Jess.

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